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Luma Glucosamine Gummies with Vitamin E for Joint Health - 60 Ct

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Are you tired of aching joints?

There is no way to stop the natural aging process of our joints, but we can control which parts suffer from it most.

Our gummies for joint pain were designed specifically for individuals who have been using their bodies constantly over time!

Quickly achieve joint pain relief with Luma Bones Gummies!

Don't let aging joints, pain or lack of mobility hold you back any longer. Our joint gummies were specifically formulated to help you regain that extra step you've been searching for.

Our joint health gummies contain a powerful blend of 160mg of glucosamine and vitamin E that quickly absorbs in your system to target the problem areas.

Luma Bones Gummies help support healthy joint function and mobility by fighting off inflammation and providing much needed maintenance of the cartilage in joints.

Still not convinced? Here are additional reasons to make you love these joint supplement gummies:

✅ Maximum strength anti-inflammatory formula

✅ Made in the USA with guaranteed purity & potency

✅ Quickly targets joint discomfort

Boost your energy and start enjoying your day to day activities. Add Luma Bones Gummies to your cart TODAY!


🦴 EFFECTIVE INGREDIENTS - The different forms of glucosamine are all meant for a specific purpose, but there's one that reigns supreme above them all. Researchers say glucosamine sulfate is the best because it has an interaction with cartilage in your body and helps promote healthy joints.

🦴 REVIVE YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM - Keep your immune system in check Vitamin E. This powerful antioxidant is a great way to strengthen and protect against free radicals. It also helps keep joints healthy, which means you can move around more easily!

🦴 TASTY AND QUICKLY ABSORBED - With a potent dose of 160mg per serving, these glucosamine gummies will quickly help relieve your pain. They come in a yummy raspberry flavor so you'll definitely look forward to taking them.

🦴 MAXIMUM STRENGTH - Our joint support gummies are made with glucosamine and vitamin E to give you the extra strength your joints need.

🦴 OPTIMIZED FORMULA - Our GMP-certified glucosamine sulfate gummies are formulated by professionals who have third party tested them for quality assurance!

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  • Tailored to fit feet of all shapes and sizes

    Small, big, wide, thin, you name it. This product has your tootsies covered.

  • Ultra soft nylon fabric pocket

    Ensure the gel pack stays exactly where you want it (on the ball of your foot).

  • Premium stretch UBL Velcro® neoprene

    Durable and perforated to promote air flow and support constant daily use.

  • Flexible when frozen, hot when you need it

    Alternate hot and cold with a single gel pack. Freezer or microwave, your call.