My feet hurt, too. Like all the time.

When I turned 30 I was diagnosed with Gout and Sesamoiditis. Oh and I've broken both ankles (twice), cracked three metatarsals and broken two sesamoid bones; all on separate occasions. People wonder why I care so much about footcare.

Gee, I wonder!

Diet & Exercise

Improve foot health with light exercise and tasty treats.

Read some of our light exercise tips for people suffering from toe and foot pain. Recipes include low-purine and nutrient-rich foods.


Holistic Pain Relief

Pain relief doesn't always have to come from pills.

Somtimes we need prescriptions to address chemical imbalance; but we can always supplement with natural - effective - alternatives.


Diseases & Disorders

Sometimes we stub our toe; sometimes we're born with bum feet.

These articles are perfect for those who want a bit of education around a new or progressing toe & foot-related ailments.