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Extra Gel for Big Toe Joint Ice/Heat Pack

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Manufactured in Canada with high strength, puncture resistant nylon-poly film for maximum durability. Gel packs are FDA registered, non-toxic, latex free and comply with the highest standards of health and safety regulations. Flexible when frozen.


Recommended Cold temperature reached after (30) minutes in freezer

Recommended Hot temperature reached after (10) seconds in microwave

*Gel can get very hot. Do not apply to foot until desired temperature is reached.  

How to use

Watch product video below for a virtual demo.


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Product Video:

  • Tailored to fit feet of all shapes and sizes

    Small, big, wide, thin, you name it. This product has your tootsies covered.

  • Ultra soft nylon fabric pocket

    Ensure the gel pack stays exactly where you want it (on the ball of your foot).

  • Premium stretch UBL Velcro® neoprene

    Durable and perforated to promote air flow and support constant daily use.

  • Flexible when frozen, hot when you need it

    Alternate hot and cold with a single gel pack. Freezer or microwave, your call.