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Double Loop Toe Separator for Bunions

Double Loop Toe Separator for Bunions

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Crowded Toes Are the Worst.

ZenToes Toe Separators really work to alleviate toe pain, provide bunion relief and reduce the risk of blisters, calluses and foot corns forming. When you slip the toe spreaders on, the flexible silicone gel material keeps the big toe from drifting toward the second toe. The gel is flexible enough to conform to your foot to ensure your full comfort, even if you wear your toe straighteners all day long. 

  • Stop the rub for good: Toe separators keep your toes spread; correcting the crowding that causes toes to rub. This product is also an effective form of bunion pain relief & promotes proper toe alignment.
  • Latex free & oh so comfortable: Gel toe separators conform to your feet for a perfect fit for nearly all foot sizes. This toe straightener fits inside of most shoes for discreet toe pain and bunion relief. Wide shoes? Even better! 
  • No-slip fit: Unlike other toe spreaders and bunion pads, ours won't slide out of place and require frequent adjustments due to their securely fitting double loop design not offered by other toe straighteners

        *FSA/HSA Eligible* 

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