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Brisk Walk Leather

Brisk Walk Leather

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Stylish Everyday Shoes 

A versatile and stylish sneaker that fits both your business and casual look. This breathable leather shoe speaks to fine craftsmanship and sets a classic vintage tone. 

Stylish Comfort & Support

The exclusive PropelCore™ technology combines dual-density midsoles, rubber outsoles and a custom heel pad ring all into one sole solution, offering you a cloud-like feel with every step.

Why Choose FitVille? 

  • Better balance and stability: Improve your overall balance and control with customized shoes for those who need Wide (2E) or Extra Wide (4E) shoes 

  • Reduced risk of foot problems: The wide toe box reduces the risk of developing and/or worsening existing bunions, blisters, and other foot ailments.  
  • Improved blood circulation: Increases blood flow to the foot, reducing symptoms such as numbness.
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