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Amadeus GEN1 (Pickleball & Tennis)

Amadeus GEN1 (Pickleball & Tennis)

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Wide Pickleball & Tennis Shoe 

The Amadeus Pickleball & Tennis shoe benefits from FitVille's iconic "wide toe box" design. The increased space for your forefoot ensures you're toes are given enough room to breath while you are on the court. 

Why Choose FitVille? 

  • Cool Feet with Arch Support: Experience the delight of a breathable upper and moisture-wicking insoles, enhanced by a supportive heel cup and arch design
  • Prevent Ankle Sprains: The built-in heel ring stabilizes your gait and movement, promoting peak performance 
  • Wide and Extra-Wide: Whether you're suffering from an ailment affecting your toes and feet, or you simply need extra room for comfort - these shoes are for you!
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