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X-Cushion Ankle & Heel Brace

X-Cushion Ankle & Heel Brace

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Step With Peace of Mind! 

  • Perfect Fit: Helps improve blood circulation, protect your ankle, minimize the risk of injury and relieve plantar fasciitis and other discomforts related to your feet. Very suitable for chronic and acute ankle injuries and their symptoms. 
  • Strong Support: Fitted with reinforcement crisscross straps providing strong support and stabilization for the ankle, feel, tendons and joints. The hook and loop strap design allows you to freely adjust the pressure and is designed to minimize the risk of injury, especially during the strenuous activities.
  • Sprain Prevention: Our ankle support brace is suitable for all kinds of activities requiring ankle movement including basketball, running, soccer, tennis, hiking, badminton, cycling, climbing and training. It also provides support for weak or injured ankles and works to protect from sprains or repeat injuries. 
  • Dry & Breathable: We use dry and breathable fabrics to ensure that your feet remain dry, comfortable and odor-free, no matter how you use it.

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