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Five Loop Toe Spacer for Toe Realignment

Five Loop Toe Spacer for Toe Realignment

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Gently Correct Overlapping Toes.

  • Long-Lasting Quality: Made with BPA-free, flexible, medical grade gel, our toe separators mold to the shape of your foot and will fit most size toes and feet for both men and women. We recommend wearing the "all toe" separator for 10 minutes at a time until your feet become used to them. Then, gradually increase your wear time to ~one hour per day.
  • Comfortable Gel Toe Separator: Soft, stretchy material makes ZenToes "all toe" separators ideal for use during yoga and other barefoot training exercises. They are also comfortable to wear under socks or inside wide fitting shoes and can be hand washed in warm soapy water, air dried, and reused over and over.
  • Helps Reduce Foot Discomfort: Wearing tight-fitting shoes, work boots, or narrow high heels can cause bunions, overlapping toes, hammer toes and so on. Get your toes back in proper alignment today!  
  • Restores Your Natural Foot Shape: When your feet are not properly aligned, you tend to feel tension in the rest of your body as well. Wearing ZenToes toe separators as a part of your daily routine is an easy way to restore the natural shape of your feet.

      *FSA/HSA Eligible* 

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