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Magnum Solace

Magnesium Lotion for Joint & Muscle Relief, Sleepless Legs

Magnesium Lotion for Joint & Muscle Relief, Sleepless Legs

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Dead Sea Magnesium Lotion 

  • Mineral Rich: This magnesium cream is a topical magnesium lotion formulated with mineral-rich Dead Sea Salts, namely magnesium. For thousands of years, many have journeyed to the Dead Sea for its healing properties.
  • Apply at nighttime right before bed: Follow this tip and you’ll be on your way! Consistent, nightly use of the topical magnesium chloride cream is highly recommended.
  • Apply to Feet AND Legs: Apply to your toes, feet, legs and/or hips - everywhere it's needed most!
  • Consistency is KEY: Magnesium cream works with consistent, daily (or nightly) use. It is recommended to use daily for a minimum of 3 weeks to start. Then, feel free to use as needed. 
  • Super-concentrated: Magnum Solace Magnesium Lotion contains 250 mg magnesium per tsp (6,000 mg per jar). Compare with other topical magnesium chloride products, this packs a punch!


      We proudly produce the purest magnesium oil on the market. We start with a triple carbon water filtration, followed by a 3-stage magnesium oil filtration system. The result? An incredibly pure magnesium oil that is odorless, clear, and leaves no residue on your skin.

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