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Phi Naturals

Milk Thistle - 30:1 (Extra Strength)

Milk Thistle - 30:1 (Extra Strength)

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Powerful Detoxifier & Health Booster 

This Milk Thistle is a 30:1 concentrated extract, giving you 30x the amount of beneficial compounds per serving. Silybum marianum, the most active ingredient in milk thistle, supports healthy liver cell regeneration and increased glutathione production. Promotes essential functions of your body including reducing insulin resistance.


Our 30:1 Extract provides 30x the silymarin compared to un-extracted milk thistle. This herb's benefits are from the silymarin of the milk thistle plant. That means you're getting the equivalent silymarin of 4,500mg of the full plant in our potent 150 mg pure silymarin. Beware of "cheaper" un-extracted brands – you may think you're getting a high dose but they're far weaker than what you get from our process. We extract the sylamarin to provide 30x strength in our vitamins.


Phi Naturals: The creators of Phi Naturals are nutritionists and chiropractors with a combined 70 years in health care. They understand the body's chemistry and how to optimize its natural healing processes!

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