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Single Loop Toe Separator for Bunions

Single Loop Toe Separator for Bunions

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Yes, It's Clinically Proven To Help. 

Not just a toe spacer for managing toe overlap, this toe separator solves problems associated with a bunion and toe drift, too. Re-positioning your big toe with the toe separator stretches the underlying tissue as well, reducing aching and strain.

Our toe separator is designed to be worn over the second toe like a ring. Once it's in place, a flexible, supportive silicone pad stays comfortably against your big toe. This re-aligns your big toe and corrects the alignment of your whole foot, relieving discomfort from rubbing or aches from a poorly aligned foot.

  • Relieve Bunion Discomfort: ZenToes single loop silicone toe separator is designed to provide non-invasive relief from bunions (Hallux Valgus) and overlapping toes by gently realigning and straightening your big toe. Our single loop toe spacers separate the toes, straightening the big toe to relieve pressure from the bunion. 
  • Easy to Use: Simply slip the ring over your second toe and position the gel pad against your big toe. The gel cushion will keep your big toe in proper alignment to prevent it from overlapping or rubbing against your second toe. Can be worn alone or with bunion pads for even more protection.
  • Effective Relief: Our orthopedic bunion correctors are recommended by podiatrists and orthopedic surgeons as part of a comprehensive bunion treatment program. Over a million people have relieved their bunion discomfort with ZenToes Toe Separators, and so can you! 
  • Washable & Reusable: Medical-grade gel is latex free and washable, making it reusable and allergy friendly. 

The results are in! 

This toe separator has been clinically proven to lessen discomfort caused by bunions: READ THE REPORT HERE!

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