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Barefoot Scientist

The Gratest™ Professional Micro-Grated XL Rasp

The Gratest™ Professional Micro-Grated XL Rasp

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Ready to work your feet like a pro? 

The Gratest™ is a professional-grade rasp constructed of premium stainless steel and designed with more than 200 safety-edged micro grates, an extra-large filing surface and an ergonomic soft-touch handle. This rasp helps you efficiently and safely remove built-up layers of dry, hardened, thick or callused skin.

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Crafted with an extra-large filing surface and soft-touch handle so you can comfortably grip and work with ease for quick removal of built up skin. Get pedicure quality softness at home.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Made of quality stainless steel, Barefoot Scientist's callus foot filer is durable, washable, hygienic and reusable. After use, simply rinse and let dry or disinfect with rubbing alcohol for continued use.
  • WET OR DRY: Tiny stainless steel blades on this microplane foot file allow you to use on wet or dry skin. Whatever your preference, you'll buff away layers of hard skin with great results every time. For deeper exfoliation, use on wet skin during a shower or following a foot soak.
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